Steve Erlich

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer & Director of Search Marketing

Steve Erlich

Steve Erlich
Co-Founder and Director of Search Marketing

Did you ever wake up one morning, look at your industry, shake your head and think, “Somebody needs to do things differently.” That’s exactly what happened to me in 2013.

As the Co-Founder and COO of Digital Law Marketing, Inc., I took a chance and did things differently. Digital Law Marketing, Inc. is our dream and the success of our clients is what has made that dream a reality. Mike & I believe that every law firm is unique and requires a unique marketing approach. We don’t just build you a website. We build you a brand and make sure that your law firm is found in places where your target audience spend their time.

Did you know that different groups of people utilize different social media platforms at drastically different rates? Did you know that something as simple as the colors of your design can affect who looks at your website? The smallest details could be costing you key visitors and more importantly key conversions. When we search for designers, we look for the perfect combination of scientists and artists to work with our clients every step of the way.

My Background

I began my professional life as a customer service manager, WordPress designer, sports writer, and social media strategist/enthusiast and began shifting my focus to search engine optimization and internet marketing during the summer of 2011. While working as a freelance social media and website consultant for a small startup, I earned my Master’s Certification in Internet Marketing from the University of San Francisco. Following my graduation, I joined LexisNexis as a SEO strategist for law firms in November 2011.  The original release of Google’s Panda (1.0) had just launched and Penguin was not far behind. I learned from day one that the days of thin, low-quality content and link spamming were over. After seeing how difficult it was for larger companies to adjust to the changing times, Mike Edwards and I decided we wanted to develop a cutting-edge company that prioritized keeping up with the ever-changing times, customer service and results above all else.


When I’m not working on your campaign, you can find me at my desk with my cat in my lap, sharing insights and holding discussions with other industry experts. When I’m away from my desk, you can find me at concerts and sporting events. I am a huge Boston Red Sox and New Jersey Devils fan, as well as a music fanatic.

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