Steve Erlich

Co-Founder, COO & Director of Search

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Steve Erlich

As the COO & Director of Search at Digital Law Marketing, it is my job to make sure the different elements of your marketing campaign are working smoothly and cohesively, from SEO to PPC and Social Media Marketing. My SEO team and I work hand-in-hand with our amazing creative design team to make sure that we create a website that is not only visually appealing and appealing to search engines, but a marketing machine to drive your law firm.

Digital Law Marketing has an exclusivity model that guarantees we will not sell to your competition while you are a client of ours. We will never take strategies that are working for your firm and walk down the block and sell them to your competitor.

About my background

I began my professional career in customer service. What I learned in customer service has helped me tremendously in helping to develop a company that makes customer service a top priority. First call resolution, attentive listening skills, and making sure to directly and transparently answer clients’ questions are top priorities that have stayed with me over the last 15 years.

In 2011, I shifted my career focus to search engine optimization and it has enthralled me ever since. I joined LexisNexis through the Judge Group as a SEO Strategist for law firms at the end of that year. After watching numerous larger companies struggling to adjust to the changing times in search industry, Mike Edwards and I decided we wanted to develop a cutting-edge company that prioritized keeping up with the changing times, customer service and results above all else.

Why I do what I do

Search engine optimization is a fascinating topic of discussion for me. The evolution of Google since the early 2000s and even just since I joined the industry in 2011 is amazing. We live in a world where the answer to just about every question is “Google it!” I take my responsibility in search engine optimization personally and seriously, as I think it is up to people like myself to create a better internet.

I spend a lot of my spare time cleaning up Google Maps in my area (and my clients’ areas) as a Local Guide, as well as conversing and speculating with other professionals in the industry via social media, webinars and conferences.

I enjoy my annual trips to SMX East in New York and am currently really looking forward to the LocalU Advanced conference coming up in Santa Monica in February.


When I’m not working on clients’ websites or actively participating in the industry space, you can find me watching a sporting event, spending time with my amazing wife and step-son, or exploring a new place. My hobbies are analytical and creative, much like my work. I enjoy writing about baseball and participating in in-season and off-season discussions on advanced sabermetrics and contract valuations. I also enjoy poker, fantasy sports, golfing and travel.

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