Pay-Per-Click for Lawyers

Beat Your Competition to the Punch with PPC

We have found that search engine optimization has the highest profit margin for most law firms, due to its relatively low costs and long-term growth opportunities. But what happens when a product defect is in the news or an urgent marketing opportunity arises? You can’t wait 3-5 months to get to the top of Google’s organic rankings! That is where we at Digital Law Marketing, Inc. have found pay-per-click marketing to be most effective. PPC allows you to jump to the top of the paid search rankings and as the phrase suggests, pay each time a person clicks through to your law firm’s website.

Don’t Get Locked Into Long-Term Agreements!

We believe that as markets and seasons change, so should your PPC targets. With Digital Law Marketing, Inc. you have complete freedom to change the type of cases you are going after or even to grow or shrink your budget! We have always believed what works today may not work as well tomorrow and our clients deserve to know that their hard-earned money is being used to deliver a strong return on investment. Our contracts for PPC range from 1 month to 1 year and can be customized and changed via simple e-mail exchanges.

You Can Afford PPC

Many law firms feel that they lack the budget for PPC because another company has given them outrageous budget requests. For some search terms and areas of practice, this may be necessary. But there are some very affordable ways to use PPC to bolster your brand and drive a strong return on investment. Speak with one of our pay-per-click professionals to learn more.

In-Depth Analytics

We provide in-depth analytics to help you understand how every dollar was spent. You will see which areas are driving you the most business and we work with your law firm to refine campaigns that are working and change those that are not driving a strong enough ROI.

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