Content Marketing for Law Firms

How unique content and fresh ideas can grow your business

If you haven’t heard the expression “Content is King” yet, you will – and soon. That’s because the key to building a successful online presence is developing content that not only speaks to your audience, but does so in a way that helps build your reputation and your brand. Our goal is to give clients the content they need so that they can see the results they want.

What exactly does “content marketing” mean?

Gone are the days of in-your-face sales pitches and repetitive content. Content marketing is a holistic approach, using content as a pathway to driving your business. We help build a relationship between you and your audience through new and informative content that:

  • Gives a greater insight to web users about who you are
  • Establishes a positive relationship between you and your readers
  • Increases brand recognition through omni-channel marketing techniques
  • Allows you to streamline your website and social media content
  • Attracts links and encourages social interaction

In short, content marketing is less about the hard sell for your law firm and more about presenting what makes you the right choice and putting it in front of a target audience or influencer.

Location, location, location

Where you place each specific piece of content on the web, and how you reach your target audience with that information, is nearly as important as the information itself. Writing your content for each stage of the sales funnel and understanding how users interact with the site are as important as the words on the page. We help you reach the audiences you want to reach in ways that are both educational and meaningful through targeted content.

Looking to increase your referrals? Want casual readers of your divorce blog to email you with questions? Looking to increase the calls you get for drivers facing DUIs along a specific stretch of highway? Each of these goals is obtainable through a different style of targeted content development.

Once we know who you want to reach, we can start building your online presence where it will benefit you the most. Together, we build awareness of your brand through custom blogs and web pages, social media updates and online review channels.

Successful content is all about YOU

So, what makes content successful? Good content is engaging and represents you in the best light to your audience. It’s no longer enough to say that you have experience; everyone out there says that. It’s all about finding out what makes your law firm tick, and then matching you to the best possible candidates for your service.

The most important element of good content is the voice: potential clients should hear you, not an anonymous writer. By giving your voice to the content, we can help build brand recognition on every platform, and promote that positive experience we want web users to associate with your firm. We carry that recognition through to your:

  • Web pages
  • Blogs
  • Press releases
  • White papers
  • Videos & video transcripts

We create content that is accessible and engaging, and reflective of who you are. It’s one of the many ways that we help build an online presence for our clients.

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