Reputation Management for Law Firms

When it comes to the digital space, your reputation is everything. No matter how powerful or well-known you are, not everyone is going to have the perfect experience and a single bad review can cost you a lot of business. At Digital Law Marketing, Inc. we help our clients manage that online reputation and improve it when necessary.

What is negativity bias?

Negativity bias is a term used to describe the psychological phenomenon by which humans have a greater recall of unpleasant memories compared with positive memories.

Negativity bias and reputation management

Negativity bias directly relates to reputation management. Just as a person is more likely to remember a bad event than a good event, a person who had a bad experience is much more likely to leave you a negative review than the person who had a great experience is to leave you a positive one. Our entire team from sales to search engine optimization specialists are trained in reputation management techniques and can help your law firm harness the good and push down the bad.

Reputation management starts with you

We can do a lot to help you recover your reputation, but in the end, reputation management starts and ends with you and your staff. We will work with your law firm to help you correct processes that are leading to negative reviews, and help you understand how to improve areas of concern.

Reputation management is more than Google

While Google is one source for negative reviews, there are many other reputation factors that could be hurting your conversion rate. Here are a few things to think about:

  • Are you peer-reviewed?
  • Do your legal profiles such as have high scores?
  • Are you showcasing your accolades?
  • Do any of your legal profiles have negative reviews?
  • Have you looked at Yelp? Manta? Yahoo? MerchantCircle?

These are just a few examples of resources that many law firms don’t realize are costing them business.

Are you being hurt by a negative review?

Call us and find out if there are negative reputation factors affecting your law firm. Reputation management services are included free for all of our clients.