Marketing Services For Lawyers

Take Your Law Firm’s Digital Presence to the Next Level with Digital Law Marketing, Inc.

Digital Law Marketing, Inc. provides a variety of digital marketing services for law firms around the U.S. We have helped firms small and large grow their online presence and significantly increased traffic to their domain through search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), Local Service Ads, other paid advertising opportunities and social media (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit & TikTok) just to name a few. We do not offer a “one size fits all” digital marketing service. What worked for your competitor, won’t necessary work best for you. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. We help you make these difficult decisions and can customize your contract at any time to make sure our services always best fit your digital marketing needs. Read below for details on our services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At Digital Law Marketing, our search engine optimization strategist will work closely with you as well as our writers and designers to create an engaging experience for your website’s visitors, implementing best practices for SEO every step of the way. With Google doing hundreds of updates every year, you need a search engine optimization company that is on the cutting edge. We stay current on all Google updates and use our experience to anticipate future updates. With Digital Law Marketing, Inc., you need not fear the Pandas, Penguins and Hummingbirds of the future. If you were already penalized by a Google update, we have the experience and knowledge to help you rebuild your digital presence.

Local Search

At Digital Law Marketing, Inc. local search marketing is a big part of what we do for most law firms. All too often, we find that law firms have minimal or no presence on Google maps, outdated information all over the web, and incorrect citations that are hurting their local presence. We will implement proper structured data markups on your website to help the search engines understand who you are, where you are and who you are trying to target.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

Pay-per-click marketing (or PPC) allows your law firm to get exposure for terms when you can’t wait for Google to index and prioritize your new content through search engine optimization. With PPC, our strategist will help select keywords that people are searching for, and setup ads and bids to help your law firm reach its target audience. For example, when a new medical device is found to be defective and you need to reach your audience before your competition, pay-per-click is usually a great option. Pay-per-click should be approached carefully as it can be expensive and once you stop bidding, your presence is gone (unlike SEO). You need an experienced PPC consultant from Digital Law Marketing to assist you with your campaign.

Social Media

Americans spend a significant portion of each day on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Google Plus, Pinterest, Reddit, StumbleUpon and more. Keeping your brand in front of them during their daily lives is crucial in the legal industry, because people tend to go with what they know. Social media marketing also allows you to announce awards that build credibility, form relationships with clients and potential clients and reach friends and family of people that share your content. Creating an engaging and friendly experience on these channels is crucial in 2024.

Don’t go at it alone. Call Digital Law Marketing now!

Trying to do many of these services on your own will cost you time and money, while risking harm to your brand and your domain. The question isn’t can you afford our marketing services. The question is can you afford the repercussions of not executing these strategies properly. Our consultations are completely cost-free and risk-free. Call Digital Law Marketing today at 877-916-0644 or contact us online and find out how our digital marketing services can help your law firm reach new heights.