Going Global: DLM Director of Sales Addresses the ABL General Assembly Meeting

Washington, DC – The Alliance of Business Lawyers held its General Assembly Meeting where delegates met to hold seminars and discussions on a variety of topics from international geopolitical affairs to the world economic environment for businesses.

The meeting was held last weekend from the 21st to the 22nd in Washington DC. The first presentation on Saturday was from Stephanie Manor Chew, the Director of Sales at Digital Law Marketing. During her hour and a half-long presentation, Chew offered insight and online marketing strategies to meeting attendees. She is a well-known authority on inbound, internet marketing among law firms in Maryland and surrounding regions.

Stephanie Manor Chew, DLM Director of Sales, Talks Online Marketing Fundamentals

Stephanie Chew PresentationChew’s presentation began at 9:15am in the Colonial Room. Her topic of discussion, concerned the latest on internet and social media marketing strategies, tailored specifically for attorneys. Among the fundamentals covered during the presentation, the seminar largely concerned a tutorial on effective blogging and harnessing social media for networking and accessing prospective clients.

She emphasized the importance of sites like LinkedIn, going into detail on how lawyers can best harness the site for B2B, or business-to-business, marketing. The main purpose for her addressing of General Assembly Meeting attendees was altruistic in nature, and wanted to simply “…help law firms from all over the world with their online marketing and credibility,” said Chew in an email interview days before the meeting.

General Assembly Meeting 2014 Gathers In Washington DC

This past weekend’s General Assembly Meeting for the ABL was held in downtown DC’s Mayflower Renaissance Hotel. Attorneys from all over the world attend these meetings for the purpose of networking and attaining the latest news and updates on the state of business law on the global landscape.

The Alliance of Business Lawyers was established in 2001 and was converted into an association under Swiss law in 2004. It’s principal purpose is to construct a ‘dynamic’ central hub for attorneys to connect globally. According to the ABL official website,

“The ABL network links lawyers across the world. With over 700 lawyers and 51 offices in 32 countries ABL allows businesses access to creative and entrepreneurial legal advice worldwide.”

The last General Assembly Meeting was held in May 2014, and took place in Moscow. These meetings routinely have appearances from ambassadors, notable heads of state, and authorities in private sector finance from several countries, and this recent November 2014 meeting was no different in that regard.

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