Help Search Engines Understand Your Website With Schema

The Evolution of Search Results Over the lifespan of search, we have seen drastic changes in how search results are displayed across all search engines. For the purpose of this article we will focus on the search giant Google, but Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex also support many of the different schema markups as well. Over a decade ago now, Google became what we now know as a "hybrid" search engine, or a search engine that [...]

Google Cleaning Up Places For Business Like Never Before

You may have noticed some alarming drop-offs in your Google Plus or Google Places for Business traffic. We have confirmed with 3 other agencies and multiple vendors that they are experiencing the same strange tracking issues making their Google Plus traffic graph look like this: And Google Places for Business traffic look like this: Funny enough, in many of these cases, we have seen an increase in search positions for these same listings now appearing [...]

Did You Notice a Change in Your Google Analtyics?

Did you notice a change in your Google Analytics account this morning? You should have! Early this morning Google officially transitioned the names of two key metrics, as "Visitors" and "Unique Visitors" became "Sessions" and "Users". As far as we can tell, the new names simply more accurately portray what is being tracked. I've attached a screenshot of these changes. We will update this post as new information becomes available. Stay tuned. Barry Schwartz has [...]

Checking Up On Your SEO

How Your Law Firm Can Monitor It's Search Engine Optimization Performance A lot of business owners are skeptical about search engine optimization and who can blame them? Almost every attorney we talk to has at least one horror story from dealing with an internet marketing company that promised them the world, but they wound up with nothing but a headache. Some things stand out like a sore thumb: Poor customer service and long response times [...]

Google Hummingbird and the Growth of Conversational Search

Google released the Hummingbird algorithm in August of 2013. But what is Hummingbird? And how should it effect the way you approach your online marketing? Google's Hummingbird was a core algorithm update and was perhaps the most revolutionary of the 3 most well-known updates in the last few years (the other two being Panda & Penguin). I say this because Panda (which penalizes thin or poor content) was only recently integrated into Google's core algorithm [...]

Some Easy Website Cleanup Tricks to Improve Both User Experience and Search Engine Performance

Just about every week I get the question, "What can I do to improve my website's performance?" The truth is, there is no simple answer. It depends on what metrics you are using to gauge performance and there are a lot of factors that should be taken into consideration. But there are some common cleanup tricks everyone with access to their website can do to improve their users' experience and search engine crawl speeds, which [...]

An Exciting Week at Digital Law Marketing, Inc.

Tonight marked the conclusion of an amazing and exciting week here at Digital Law Marketing, Inc. Early in the week, we attended the ClickZ Live New York conference and enjoyed spending time and exchanging marketing ideas with our peers. Awaiting the Arrival of Keynote Speaker Andy Beal As the week came to a close, we completed the relaunch of The new website allows us to showcase some of our projects we are [...]

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