Negative SEO: Is It Real? And Should I Be Scared?

What is Negative SEO? Negative SEO is the practice of deceiving Google to believe that a domain you do not own is doing something to violate Google's webmaster guidelines or interfering with Google's ability to crawl a domain. This includes everything from spam link building to denial of service attacks. The goal of negative search engine optimization is usually to drive down a competitors rankings. Google has claimed that businesses do not have to worry [...]

Google Launches New Local Search Algorithm: Pigeon

On the same day we talked about stability in the search rankings, Google took a big new blender, turned it on high power and dropped their local search results into it. What is "Pigeon" Pigeon is a new local search algorithm implemented by Google. Pigeon is the name given to the algorithm by marketers, not Google themselves. The goal of this algorithm change was to include the numerous ranking signals they use in web search [...]

Some Stability May Be Ahead: Google Updates; Matt Cutts Goes on Leave and More!

While there haven't been the massive overhauls to search results we've seen in recent years, there has been absolutely no shortage of updates from Google in 2014. First, the world saw some huge fluctuations in the rankings in January all the way through May as Google began one by one manually penalizing websites frequented by guest bloggers, as well as those sites using these platforms to gain what Google considers to be unnatural links. If [...]

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