Authorship Versus Publisher Markup: Which One and When

With all of the updates Google has done over the last few years, the question that seems to excite our clients most is, "Can I get that little picture of me next to my search results?!" The answer is both yes and no. Authorship is for tying content to an author Think about this for a moment. Your name is John Smith. You have a brother Joe Smith and you work for Smith & Smith [...]

Google Cleaning Up Places For Business Like Never Before

You may have noticed some alarming drop-offs in your Google Plus or Google Places for Business traffic. We have confirmed with 3 other agencies and multiple vendors that they are experiencing the same strange tracking issues making their Google Plus traffic graph look like this: And Google Places for Business traffic look like this: Funny enough, in many of these cases, we have seen an increase in search positions for these same listings now appearing [...]

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