On the Rail with Friends at This Year’s Kentucky Derby

Some people might choose holidays or their birthdays, or even a season as their favorite time of year. Not the case here, at Digital Law Marketing, Inc. For us, it’s the Kentucky Derby. Beautiful horses, incredible athletes, those truly remarkable hats – it’s just about the most fun you can have, and this year was no exception.

We were on the rail this year with a handful of our clients, so we got to see Nyquist and Mario Gutierrez win first place at the 142nd annual Kentucky Derby. The best part of the day? Enjoying it with people we care about. That’s the amazing thing about being a member of the DLM team: you might start out with business clients, but you end up with friends.

When you work with DLM, you become a part of our family – and we love spending time with our family. This weekend’s race was no exception, and we had an excellent time. Good friends, good conversation, good food, and a great race; what more can you ask for? C’mon and check out some of the pictures we took before, during and after the race, and see how much fun it can be when you work with your friends!


horses racing

Look at those beauties go!


Great friends (and a cool ride!)

b and t

m russ

m and c

2 win



It’s all about the hats, y’all.


(Although we love a good jacket, too.)


dinner date

A terrific night ends with good food and good friends.

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