Digital Law Marketing is Partnering with The Trial Lawyers Summit, Presented by The National Trial Lawyers, for 2018-19!There have been a lot of big things happening here at Digital Law Marketing this year – but this is the biggest news of all. We are proud to announce our partnership with The Trial Lawyers Summit, presented by The National Trial Lawyers, for the 2018-19 year. As Platinum Sponsors of The Trial Lawyers Summit, DLM is the only legal marketing team to enter into such a partnership with the group this year.

The Trial Lawyers Summit “is an annual gathering of the most outstanding civil plaintiff and criminal defense attorneys in America. It was created by The National Trial Lawyers to bring together its members to share ideas and to learn new ways of improving their skills in the courtroom and better ways of managing and marketing their law firms.” This year’s Summit will be held in Miami Beach, FL, from January 20-23 – and DLM is excited to say that we will absolutely be there.

A great opportunity for everyone

The Trial Lawyers Summit is an excellent opportunity for attorneys to network, and to meet the other members of the organization. There are multiple sessions and panels run over the course of the conference on a wide array of topics, and these days often feature keynote addresses by some of the most influential legal minds to date, plus A-list performers and respected professionals from all industries. The January Summit will feature Nick Saban, Evander Holyfield, mentalist Lior Suchard and the band America, among others.

It is an extraordinary opportunity for Digital Law Marketing, too. We’ve built our reputation on offering exclusive online marketing packages customized to our clients, with the firm promise that we’ll never sell to competitors. In order to do our best for the attorneys we partner with, we need to keep up-to-date with not only the latest marketing trends, but the latest legal ones, too. By partnering with The Trial Lawyers Summit, we can reach a wider audience with whom to share our ideas, and to get a better feel for what today’s lawyers expect – and need – from their marketing companies.

But you don’t have to take our word for it.

All of us at DLM are thrilled about our partnership with The Trial Lawyers Summit, presented by The National Trial Lawyers. We look forward to the opportunities this year’s Summit will bring.

Will you be in Miami Beach for The Trial Lawyers Summit this January? We’d love to meet you! To learn more about our services, or to speak with an experienced online marketing specialist about improving your web presence and growing your business, please call Digital Law Marketing, Inc. at 877-916-0644, or fill out our contact form.