Words, Words, Words vs. TL;DR – How Long Does Your Content Really Need to Be?

One of the most common, ah, discussions I have with my clients is about web page and blog length. How many words are too many words, and how short can you go without being ineffectual? The truth is, like so many other things about your content marketing, it depends. It depends on the topic, it depends on the goal for the content, it depends what kind of content it is. There’s no really good answer. [...]

Google Launches New Local Search Algorithm: Pigeon

On the same day we talked about stability in the search rankings, Google took a big new blender, turned it on high power and dropped their local search results into it. What is "Pigeon" Pigeon is a new local search algorithm implemented by Google. Pigeon is the name given to the algorithm by marketers, not Google themselves. The goal of this algorithm change was to include the numerous ranking signals they use in web search [...]

Can Law Firms Compete And Cooperate At The Same Time?

So many law firms are so caught up in what their competition is doing and how their competition is beating them, that they never take the time to sit back and think how they can cooperate to increase profitability for both law firms. You do this all the time within your referral networks without thinking about it. You send Jim Smith your medical malpractice cases while Jim sends you all of his car accident claims. [...]

Help Search Engines Understand Your Website With Schema

The Evolution of Search Results Over the lifespan of search, we have seen drastic changes in how search results are displayed across all search engines. For the purpose of this article we will focus on the search giant Google, but Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex also support many of the different schema markups as well. Over a decade ago now, Google became what we now know as a "hybrid" search engine, or a search engine that [...]

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