Google Kills Off Authorship

It's official. Google has removed all authorship data from search results and Webmaster Tools. Google reports that as a whole, not enough people took advantage of the authorship markup to make it a valuable ranking factor and they saw little difference in click-through rates for sites with authorship markups versus those without. A major goal of Google's with authorship was to improve their users' experience. When they found that authorship may even be a detractor, they [...]

Penguin 3.0 May Be On The Way – Make Sure You Are Protected!

With Matt Cutts on leave, we thought we'd potentially have some quiet months. This morning, Barry Schwartz at announced his suspicion that the stars are aligned for Google to release Penguin 3.0 today. If they don't release it today (it's customary for Google to release updates on Fridays), John Mueller confirmed in the latest Webmasters Hangout that "it's not far off." MozCast, a fun, weather-like formula put together by shows major fluctuations almost [...]

Negative SEO: Is It Real? And Should I Be Scared?

What is Negative SEO? Negative SEO is the practice of deceiving Google to believe that a domain you do not own is doing something to violate Google's webmaster guidelines or interfering with Google's ability to crawl a domain. This includes everything from spam link building to denial of service attacks. The goal of negative search engine optimization is usually to drive down a competitors rankings. Google has claimed that businesses do not have to worry [...]

Google Launches New Local Search Algorithm: Pigeon

On the same day we talked about stability in the search rankings, Google took a big new blender, turned it on high power and dropped their local search results into it. What is "Pigeon" Pigeon is a new local search algorithm implemented by Google. Pigeon is the name given to the algorithm by marketers, not Google themselves. The goal of this algorithm change was to include the numerous ranking signals they use in web search [...]

Some Stability May Be Ahead: Google Updates; Matt Cutts Goes on Leave and More!

While there haven't been the massive overhauls to search results we've seen in recent years, there has been absolutely no shortage of updates from Google in 2014. First, the world saw some huge fluctuations in the rankings in January all the way through May as Google began one by one manually penalizing websites frequented by guest bloggers, as well as those sites using these platforms to gain what Google considers to be unnatural links. If [...]

A Link Is A Link, Right? Wrong!

One of the many consulting and SEO services we provide for law firms involves link building, link removals and link clean-up. Even attorneys foreign to SEO best practices know that a link should be a good thing and law firms are constantly paying for new services to showcase their practice. With your search engine optimization or marketing agency/team talking about links all the time, you as an attorney innocently assume that these services will "increase [...]

Can Law Firms Compete And Cooperate At The Same Time?

So many law firms are so caught up in what their competition is doing and how their competition is beating them, that they never take the time to sit back and think how they can cooperate to increase profitability for both law firms. You do this all the time within your referral networks without thinking about it. You send Jim Smith your medical malpractice cases while Jim sends you all of his car accident claims. [...]

Matt Cutts Confirms Google Panda 4.0 Release

Its official! Panda 4.0 has struck and it should come to no one's surprise. We have seen rankings bounce around and then return to normal quite a bit this month and knew Google was testing something. However, after releasing both Penguin 1.0 and 2.0 in May of previous years, Google decided to keep search engine optimization specialists and business owners on their toes and release Panda 4.0 targeting poor quality content rather then link-related spam. [...]

DuckDuckGo Quacks Back – Search Engine Relaunch

With all of the other initiatives Google has on their shoulders right now, has found an interesting opportunity to jump back into the picture. Long considered a niche search engine that embraced the concept of user privacy, but lacked many of the traits of its larger competitors including Google, Bing and Yahoo!, they appear to have taken the next step including image search, maps and even things like weather search. Matt McGee provides a [...]

Authorship Versus Publisher Markup: Which One and When

With all of the updates Google has done over the last few years, the question that seems to excite our clients most is, "Can I get that little picture of me next to my search results?!" The answer is both yes and no. Authorship is for tying content to an author Think about this for a moment. Your name is John Smith. You have a brother Joe Smith and you work for Smith & Smith [...]

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